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Meet Our First Rate Arena .

Increasing Expectation for Exercise

Whether as a beginner or professional, our weights are well calibrated to make the muscle building and toning process one to look forward to.

Maintaining Health while Training

These premium quality types of equipment are adequately fitted into two full functioning areas, the first carries of Owerbelt, Kettle bell, Battling Rope, Slam and wall ball, Tyre and Monkey bar area.

Meet Your Goals

We are well trained and experienced to help you build those muscles and improve on your stamina the healthy way.

TopSpeed Amenities .

Free Weights Area

Not only a staple that gym goers expect, and an important tool in building a strength and core foundation, but your strength training purists might start a mutiny if the free weights area is missing.

Our Free weights area also offer variety for almost unlimited number of exercises and target stabilizing muscles as well as larger muscle groups.

Cross fit and weight lifting that you take up on your free weights area is proportional to how detailed you want to be when you set it up.

Battle Arena

Release that powerful energy coursing through your veins in the battle arena, which is well equipped with Punching bags and Floor for grappling.

We have world class instructors that handle muay Thai (this is covered in a one on one tutelage with said world-class instructors), kickboxing kali and short knife classes, ensuring that the person you were when you walked into your first class is nothing like the person that walks out after your last one.

Ninja warrior, a new class that promises to evaluate your stamina and strength and ultimately guides you into becoming a real-life ninja warrior who is more than capable of defending his or herself, will be coming soon to top speed fitness.

Exclusive Functional Fitness Area

Popularized by CrossFit and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style training—where large and small muscle strength workouts are combined with a good sweat—the high intensity, dynamic style of exercise is back en vogue.

Sauna Room

There are no better ways to relax yourself than having a sauna bath after your workout. Spend time in our sauna room to improve blood circulation and flush away your body toxins.

Ladies Area

To all the ladies, we have a restricted workout area just for you only! This special workout area serve as the most comfortable space for ladies to sweat it out!

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